Print Laminated Business Cards

Matt laminated business cards are essential for all sizes of companies. They are printed in full color using lithographic elements for superb quality. These cards are finished with matt lamination in order to give them a smooth texture. Some matt laminated business cards come with a metallic foil that is blocked on top of the full color print. The impression and impact of foiling is always the same: upmarket for conveying brand potential and credibility. All the matt laminated artwork of the business cards is checked by a professional graphic designer. A digital proof of the card is sent for the business to approve prior to printing.


If you are not ready with a design for your business card, experienced graphic designers can design the matt laminated business card on your behalf or correct the existing artwork of your business card. To order the matt laminated business cards, you can also upload your card design to the printers’ website, if you already have a design prepared. However, if not, you can send them your design brief, along with any text, images or logos that you want to incorporate in the design. If you want a foil blocked on top of the card, inform the printer and they will do the needful. After the printer receives your design or artwork briefing, they will send you an invoice that can be paid online.


Bookmark Printing

Bookmark Printing

Why Choose Silk Lamination


The main reasons businesses opt for silk lamination is because they have an elegant and unique texture. Offset that is printed in full color on both the sides and then laminated with a material that contains a silky feel is what makes the cards outstanding and worthy of attention. Laminating with silk also adds the element of durability. Other than feeling elegant and sophisticated, the cards feel extra thick as they are printed on 16pt card stock before being silk laminated.


You can even add a spot varnish to the silk laminated cards. This goes a long way in further customizing them. Spot gloss varnish is further added for customizing the full color cards laminated with silk. The contrast between the spot gloss varnish and the silky matte lamination creates a brilliant effect unlike anything else that you have seen.


Color Shifts in Spot Gloss


You must not make an attempt to apply spot gloss on thin and detailed elements and small text in your graphics. Spot gloss may shift as much as 1/16″, and this is why there can be no guaranteeing that the layer of spot gloss will be aligned with the other elements. You can use the spot gloss as patterns or watermarks irrespective of the artwork beneath it to secure the best results. For color shifts on laminated stock, it is important for you to understand that the colors that are printed on laminated stock appear muted or lighter when compared to the shades that you see on your computer screen.


You need to select the colors from a matt swatch book to make sure that you have chosen the right shades. You can also ask for a free sample of the work from the printers and check them out. If you cannot find the exact size of the silk laminated cards that you are looking for, you can opt for customization. If you cannot select the size of your card, go for the next largest option. Indicate the final trim size and send a custom request. You should approach a printer that has been in the business for a long time. They will be able to guide you through the tough and confusing moments.


Why Choose Lamination


Laminating your business cards is something that you must not miss out on. There are various reasons why you should choose this service. Lamination can be a great investment for any business that wants to improve the display of their document such as brochures, leaflets, identification cards, pamphlets, menus, calling cards and business cards. This allows the documents to be preserved better so that they can be used for a long time because the ink lasts more firmly on the document. The contents of the document look neat and clean so that it has a more professional look to reflect a better image for your brand, products or company.


With lamination, the materials of your document will last longer and be better protected from possible damage and tear. If you handle the business cards frequently without lamination, they can get crumpled up or softened easily being subject to dirt, harsh handling and moisture. Lamination is popular these days not only among businesses, but also among individual customers. If it is an important document, you can keep it safe for a longer time using lamination.


Choice of Film


There are different kinds of films available in the market for laminating different kinds of documents. A lamination supplier will offer the best choice depending on the sort of document and its application in the industry. Lamination can be done with the help of matt films or low melt gloss. Heavy industries rely on specialty lamination and cold pressure sensitive laminating. Various lamination films are available in various thicknesses and sizes. The Perfex gloss film is 38 Micron thick and has a gloss finish. It is known as the 38LMG film. These films have a premium quality and a low melting attribute which is activated with thermal.


This produces lamination that is crystal clear. The rolls can be as wide as 1550mm or more, on the basis of the application. It is made of polyester with adhesive which melts at 88 degrees C. there is yet another sort of lamination film that is available – the cold pressure sensitive films that are made of PVC. These are PVC solvent based laminating which is common for the graphics on popup stands and roller banners. The specialty of these films is that they can last up to 8 to 10 years indoors and 2 to 3 years outdoors. However, the films are not meant for floor graphics and vehicles where you need a lot of flexibility.



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