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Statistics On Direct Mail For 2012 And Postcard Printing

If you are still thinking about whether to go for postcard printing to advertise, here is a collection of stats from the Direct Marketing Association that bears out the fact that postcard mailing is a great way to engage customers.
Total expenditure on Direct Mail was about $47 billion. Direct Mail accounts for 52% of all USPS mail. This is a huge number. Direct Mail must be working for businesses; otherwise, they would not be spending the dollars.

Women and Direct Mail

85% of the women aged 25-44 read direct mail. That makes marketing to women a priority. Your postcards need to be geared towards women, especially on women oriented events such as the Mother’s Day. Using light colors on your printed postcards and making your message more emotional will get you better responses.

How Many Postcards Are Read?

Approximately 25 pieces of direct mail are delivered to a house and 54% of postcards are read. This means that there is a 50/50 chance that your postcard will not be read. Simply put, you have to put in hard work on your part to print outstanding postcards with a quality message so that they get the desired outcome.

All Mail Is Read the Same Day

This means your postcard will be seen that very day which is good and bad. If your postcard passes, you have a good chance to make a sale. 51% of receivers will read mail from business and retailers. These are pretty big percentages. At a 100% response rate, and at a 1000 mailings everyday, 500 postcards will be read. At a conversion rate of 5%, a conservative figure, 25 people will end up at your store every day. The actual rate of response is 16%. Do your math!

Coupons on Postcard Printing

63% of adults respond to a discount offer. You chances will go up if you add a coupon to your printed postcard. The statistic makes sense: who would not like to utilize a discount offer? That is hard cash saved! A buy one get one free scored higher with a 72% response. A total of 3.3 billion coupons were used in 2010.  Moral of the story? Direct savings offers work.

Lead Conversions

The lead conversion rates are staggering when you use postcard printing. There is a 391% chance of a sale when the callback is within one minute of the prospects call. The rate drops to 120% in two minutes, 98% in three, 62% in 30 minutes and 36% in 60 minutes.
What does this mean? It means to stay next to your phone! Your telephone answering skills need to be very good. It has to be welcoming and receptive. It has to be honest and it has to be straightforward. Even if the caller is asking too many questions, give him/her time. And, always answer the call as if it was the first call of the day.


Use postcard printing because it clearly works. The chances are you can even use printed postcards to start a new store altogether. Get the right company, like, that understands such stats and will help you design your inexpensive postcard printing in a way that will hit the bull’s eye.



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