Gift Certificates in Business and Its Advantages


Gift certificates are the quintessential choice for the majority of people who purchase gifts for others. Trying to select a gift can be a difficult task because the recipient may not always enjoy the gift. A gift certificate on the other hand guarantees that the recipient can choose a gift according to his or her own tastes. Cheap gift certificates marketing policies are implemented by many companies, both large and small, so that they can boost sales and promote their business at the same time.

Gift Certificates Can Bring In More New Customers

Gift certificates are bought by a person but used by someone else. This means that the other person will have to visit your store or place of business in order to use the gift certificate. Your business is being promoted to newer clients without you needing to spend your resources any more than the basic amount. These people who have brought your products using the gift certificate are more likely to return to your establishment in order to make more purchases.

Gift Certificates Can Increase Your Sales

Gift certificates are bought by people who then proceed to give them to their acquaintances. The certificates will encourage people to browse through your wares and services. They might make a purchase equivalent to the sum of the certificate or they might buy something costlier. The latter has a higher chance of occurring. People will be able to get an item of a higher value as they will only need to pay a little bit of the sum. The rest will be covered by the value of the gift certificate. After they start shopping, they are more likely to make further purchases that will not be covered by the gift certificate. Sometimes, people may purchase items whose value is lower than the gift certificate. Since gift certificates have been paid for in advance, you will manage to make a profit on the transaction.

More People Will Come To Know About Your Company

A person who buys your gift certificate may end up giving it to people who have not yet heard about your company. They will have to come to your store so that they can redeem the certificate. These customers will then refer their friends to your business. Moreover, people who see your gift certificates may purchase them to give others. You can make your certificates help in promoting your business and brand.

Gift Certificates Can Be Versatile

Gift certificates are flexible enough to be given out on a variety of occasions. You can sell them during the holiday seasons like the New Year. These certificates can also be handed out for free to loyal or new customers as bonuses. Many companies send gift certificates to tier loyal customers on their birthdays. You may even make gift certificates for different individual occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. People will be able to pick up a gift certificate which will suit the occasion of the gifting of the certificate.

Make the most out of your Gift Certificate

A Compelling Image Is a Must

Apart from your logo, you need to add an image which can immediately interest the customer. The image can be related to the occasion for which the gift certificate is being produced in order to achieve a more attractive effect. If your company has already established its brand identity, you can simply use a large image of your company logo.

A Good Scheme of Colors

The colors you use on your gift certificate should be bright and nice to look at. The color scheme should not obscure the images or the logo of the company. The text times should remain legible. It is best to use a simple background instead of images. Using a solid color or even white for the background of your gift certificates will make your overall design look good. Importance should be given to the value of the certificate which should be showcased prominently.

Avoid Overcrowding the Front of the Certificate

The front of the certificate should be free from clutter in the form of text and images. The name and logo of your company needs to be displayed in the front. The front will also have the value of the certificate printed on it. Anything else that you wish to put in will have to be printed at the back. Include your contact information at the back.

Advertise Your Gift Certificates

It is true that gift certificates will be a boost to your already existing advertising plan. However, gift certificates need a little bit of promotion. Without promotion, people will not come to know that you are selling gift certificates. In that case, you will not be able to sell as many gift certificates as you would have liked. This in turn will reduce your overall sales. Promotion and advertisements will ensure that people will come to your store in order to buy your gift certificates.

The Timing of Your Gift Certificates Matter

Holidays are the perfect occasion for selling and giving out gift certificates. If you are going to sell gift certificates during the various holidays, then you need to perfect your timing. If you will be mailing information about your gift certificates, you will need to make sure that it reaches your customers in time for the holiday. If it reaches too late, there will be no point in buying certificates to give. The timing becomes more vital because, there is usually a huge volume of mail that is processed by mailing services before and after the holidays.

Online printing services will help you in getting a fast turnaround for your orders of gift certificates prints. They are experienced in the field and use the latest machines and technologies to help them complete processing your order at the earliest. It also means that your gift certificates will look exactly like your design. These companies are not prone to making mistakes and they charge very favorable rates in return for their services. You gift certificates will be bought in large quantities as their excellent print quality will make your company look good.


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